The Benefits Of A Vispring Headboard For Your Bed

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Contrary to popular belief, not all bed frames come with headboards attached and it actually isn’t abnormal to purchase a free-standing headboard separately from a bed.

This is particularly common when you’re purchasing a divan base and unless you’re opting for a divan set, the bed probably won’t come with a headboard. This is often the case even when you turn to popular brands such as Vispring. 

Sometimes, it can be tempting to just purchase the bed base and save some money by not getting a headboard, but there are actually a number of benefits to having a headboard.

So, if you’re interested in a Vispring bed and you’re currently contemplating whether you should purchase a Vispring headboard too, keep reading today.

Below we have explored some of the main reasons why you shouldn’t overlook this bed accessory. 

Make Your Bed Aesthetically Pleasing

Often, divan bases are fairly simplistic in design and they are chosen because of their practical storage drawers rather than their aesthetics.

A headboard has the power to completely transform a basic bed into something much more visually appealing though and it will completely change the look of this piece of furniture. With a headboard, your Vispring bed will be the focal point of your bedroom. 

Vispring Elba Headboard

Ensure Sitting Up in Bed is Comfortable 

Many will sit up in their bed first thing in the morning or last thing at night and without a headboard, you will be leaning up against the wall.

Headboards are designed to not only be stylish but to be really comfortable too and they will give you a cushioned surface to lean on when you’re sitting up in bed. The headboard will instantly make your Vispring bed look and feel cosier and more inviting too. 

Vispring Lennox Headboard

Add Some Visual Interest to Your Wall 

It isn’t uncommon for the wall that your bed is pushed against to be bare and often this isn’t a convenient place for things like storage solutions.

When you have a headboard, this will add some interest to this wall and it can bring your interior design to life.

Whether you have a single bed or super king-size bed, a headboard will add some texture to your bedroom too, preventing it from feeling flat and empty. 

Vispring Clabon Headboard

Make Your Bed Perfect For Your Individual Style 

No matter what your preferences are or what your taste may be, there is a headboard for you and it will help you to tailor your bed frame to your style.

Whether you have a traditional or modern, neutral or colourful, or a plain or patterned upholstered headboard, it will allow you to add a personal touch. You can easily replace the freestanding headboard on your Vispring bed if you want to in the future too. 

Vispring Artemis Headboard

Keep Your Pillows and Bedding in Place 

Depending on the bed base that you purchase, you may have a gap between your mattress and the wall, and it is likely that during the night your pillows will fall down this gap. A headboard will fill this empty space and help you to keep your bedding where it should be during the night.

This will not only prevent frustration but it can also help to prevent you from waking up with a neck ache caused by sleeping with no pillows. 

Vispring Hera Headboard

Prevent Draughts in The Winter 

Traditionally, headboards were used to keep people warm as they slept and even though properties have better insulation these days, this is still relevant.

A headboard will be a barrier between your head and the cold wall, helping to keep you warm in bed. Being at a comfortable temperature is really important for a good night’s sleep, so having a headboard on your Vispring bed can help you to sleep better. 

Purchasing a Vispring Bed With a Headboard 

All in all, it is fair to say that when you purchase a Vispring bed, it is always worthwhile getting a beautiful headboard too. Whilst this is an additional expense to consider, the many advantages associated with having a headboard makes it a worthwhile investment and you can guarantee that you will thank yourself for purchasing one alongside your bed frame. 

When searching for somewhere to purchase a Vispring bed with a headboard, take a look through our vast range. We stock a vast selection of Vispring mattresses, divan bases and headboards, so you can trust that we will have the perfect combination for you.

Our experienced and friendly team excel in quality customer service and will happily answer any questions you have and help you choose the perfect bed too. 

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