From humble beginnings, MLILY founder James Ni always believed that foam creates a superior sleep experience and dreamed of one day redefining how people sleep. After developing machinery that allowed precise cutting, Ni later expanded into foam production for mattresses and pillows. MLILY manufactures at state-of-the-art factories around the United States to bring American-made affordable quality to customers all over the world.

State-Of-The-Art Manufacturing & Materials

Proprietary Foams & Machinery

MLILY’s team of product designers and engineers uses a science-based approach to dream up and build their growing collection of specialised, patented foams, all produced on their very own machines.

Quality Control

MLILY’s products, materials, and processes are all designed and manufactured solely by MLILY for unparalleled quality control you can trust. Their foams, springs, and mattresses undergo thousands of cycles of testing.

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