You deserve a restful night’s sleep. With around a third of our lives spent in bed, the right mattress is a necessity. We all want to feel comfortable, supported, and able to get the perfect night’s sleep.

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Nowadays, there are so many different mattress types available to buy, and the sheer amount of choice can be overwhelming when you’re browsing for a new one. From a variety of mattress sizes to numerous comfort levels and fillings, there is an abundance of possibilities on offer.

Mattress Sizes

The size of your mattress is a very important aspect to consider. With the right mattress size, you’ll be able to enjoy a better night’s sleep. This is the ultimate goal of every single sleeper, and it’s something that Ready For Bed can help you achieve easily.

We provide a wide range of mattress sizes, including small single, small single long, single, single long, small double, double, king size, and super king size. Each of these sizes offers a different purpose, is suitable for certain sleepers, and fits in a specific size of bedroom, and it’s vital that you remember this.

When you’re looking at new mattresses, you need to first establish a few things. For instance, consider the size of your bedroom, how many people are going to be sleeping in the bed, your body shape, and your budget. You’ll also want to check the size of your bed frame; you don’t want to buy a mattress that doesn’t fit or is too small.

At the lower end, single mattresses are an ideal choice for the solo sleeper, whether this is a child or young adult. It offers just the right amount of space for one person, and it is also a brilliant option if you’ve got a limited amount of space in the bedroom. Small single and single mattresses are perfect choices for any average or small-sized room; they won’t take up much floor space, leaving you lots of room for other furniture. So, if you want to have more space, a 3’ single is the way to go.

Moving up, the double mattress size is designed to accommodate two people, making it a popular size for many couples. Doubles can also be used by solo sleepers too, and if you want more space and comfort, then getting a double is a good choice. In the UK, the 4’6″ double is smaller than versions in Europe and the USA. Yet, it’s still an excellent option, as it’s bigger and more comfortable than a single, and two people can enjoy a lovely night’s sleep. Furthermore, double mattresses fit nicely and neatly in all small and average-sized rooms too.

Getting bigger, the king size is undeniably the most popular size of mattress for the majority of couples and adults. Sized at 5’, king mattresses, while more expensive, give you that little bit more space in the width and length departments. The king-size mattress is longer than a double, so if you need more leg room—for a taller person over 190cm/6ft 2ins)—then this is the right size for you. Overall, it’s an excellent option if you want a space upgrade.

At the upper end, the super king-size mattress at 6’ is the ultimate in comfort and luxury. This is an incredibly large mattress, giving you even more width than the king. It’s perfect for a big master bedroom and for those couples who want a lot of space. The super king is also best for those with two people or more in the bed, and it’s got enough space for everyone.

Mattress Comfort Levels

The level of comfort in your mattress is entirely up to you; it is a personal preference when it comes to mattress firmness. Mattresses come in a vast array of comfort levels, including soft, soft-medium, medium, medium-firm, firm, and extra-firm. It all comes down to what you want and require in a mattress. If you’re someone who likes gentle support and wants a plush, soft, and inviting feel in your mattress, then soft to medium is the best choice for you. Soft mattresses and medium mattresses are also both recommended if you’re a smaller person or someone who doesn’t experience any back problems.

Medium comfort is the most popular choice of mattress comfort level, and it accommodates the majority of body sizes. It is a good option if you’re stuck between a softer and firmer-feel mattress, and it’s just in the middle. If you want more firmness than a medium, then a medium-firm is the right option. This gives you a firmer surface to sleep on and will help you if you suffer from any back pain.

At the firmer end, a firm mattress is the best choice if you desire a more solid and supportive surface. Firm mattresses typically refer to “ortho” in the product name, and they’re suitable for those with back problems as well as if you have a larger-than-average frame. Lastly, the extra-firm comfort level is the top level of support and sturdiness. It will give you a robust and strong sleeping surface. If you’re looking for excellent back support, then extra firm is the option to go for.

Mattress Spring Types

There are a number of mattress spring types available at Ready for Bed. Open coil spring mattresses, also referred to as “cage sprung,” are built with a system of connected springs that are arranged in rows and joined to each other at the top and bottom by a spiral helical wire.

There can also be an outer rod attached to the outside to strengthen the perimeter of the mattress. Open coil mattresses come in a diverse range of tension, from extremely firm to softer options.

Pocket spring mattresses are a different option. These mattresses contain numerous individual springs housed in fabric pockets, all of which operate independently of each other.

As a result, this means that support is provided from the edge of the mattress to the very centre. It also means that there is much less rolling with two people on the mattress.

Overall, the general rule is that the more pocket springs a mattress has, the more supportive it will be. The number of individual springs varies, so keep this in mind at alltimes. All in all, pocket-sprung mattresses are a fantastic choice as they ensure a very supportive sleeping environment.

Mattress Fillings

The fillings used in a mattress can affect how comfortable it is to sleep on, and with so many options available these days, it’s important that you know the differences between them. Mattress fillings include natural, memory foam, medical-grade foam, latex, man-made foam, gel foam, and vegan.

Natural mattresses are manufactured without the use of synthetic fabrics. They use natural fillings like cotton, wool, or bamboo. Typically, a natural mattress will help you stay cool and moisture-free during the night.

Memory foam mattresses are popular choices; this is one of the most common types of foam fillings. It is especially useful for regulating temperature and preventing overheating while sleeping. This type of filling is man-made from polyurethane materials.

Medical-grade foam mattresses are designed to give the sleeper enhanced comfort and all the support they require. They are particularly good options for those with medical conditions or who have to spend prolonged periods of time in bed.

Latex foam is made from liquid rubber, created to form a bouncy foam material. A latex mattress will provide an even distribution of firmness, and it is perfect if you need extra body support for orthopaedic healing.

A gel-foam mattress combines gel foam with a foam base. This is a material mixed with gel beads, giving additional support and reducing heat build up. It is a great choice if you want more comfort.

Vegan mattresses don’t use any animal by-products in the manufacturing process; they normally use fibres such as flax, natural latex, and bamboo. They’re the best choice if you’re someone who wants to minimise your environmental impact and support nature.

Mattress Manufacturers

We offer a wide range of manufacturers in our mattress shop, stocking all of the leading brands in the bedding industry. The brands we offer include Vispring, Hypnos, Dunlopillo, Berkshire Beds, and Relyon. Each brand offers something unique, and it’s worth doing some research into the manufacturers before you make a final decision.

Vispring is a highly popular mattress brand right now. Dating all the way back to 1901 in London, Vispring designs and manufactures luxurious mattresses that are hand-filled with the softest natural materials available. With over a century of experience in beds and mattresses, you can expect supreme comfort, unrivalled quality, and excellent support. Whether you decide to buy a Vispring Elite or the Vispring Regal Superb, you’ll be guaranteed a wonderfully restful night’s sleep on a glorious mattress.

Another fantastic brand to consider is Hypnos. This British-based mattress brand makes every single mattress with a blend of natural and sustainable fillings, plus its famous, intelligent pocket spring system. Hypnos offers a variety of comfort and support levels, so there is a perfect mattress for every type of sleeper. The craftsmanship is impeccable, and the quality is outstanding; you’ll get many years of use out of a Hypnos mattress. From the lower-priced Orthos Support 6 to the luxurious, elegant Wool Origins 10, there are so many options within the renowned Hypnos range.

Should you need any expert advice or assistance choosing the right mattress, the Ready For Bed team is always here to help. We can take you through all our mattresses and help you make the ideal choice.


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