Headboards are the ultimate statement piece and focal point in the bedroom; they’re the first thing our eyes go to when we enter the room, and they’re a brilliant way to express your personal style and aesthetic.

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Nowadays, there is a diverse array of headboards on the market, with so many different types and styles, from wooden to metal, and diamond-shaped to button-shaped. To make your headboard search quicker and easier, we’ve written a useful guide to choosing your new headboard.

Types of Bed Headboards

Ready For Bed’s collection features an extensive range of headboards, with three different types to choose from: wooden, metal and upholstered headboards.

Wooden headboards are the perfect choice if you’re looking to create a classic style in your bedroom; they’re natural, rustic, and timeless, adding raw beauty to any space. Similarly, wooden headboards are also strong and durable, meaning that they’ll last you a long time and give you impressive robustness over many years. If you want a style that goes with any aesthetic, from modern to traditional, then a wooden headboard is the way to go.

Metal headboards are another excellent option to consider if you’re looking for ideas for modern decor. From classic, traditionally-styled metal headboards to more minimalist and contemporary designs, there are so many choices on offer at Ready For Bed. If you’re looking to add a romantic look and feel to your bed, then a metal headboard is a superb choice.

Upholstered headboards are also a luxurious, elegant choice, suiting all bedroom interiors and modern decors. There are a plethora of upholstered designs to pick from, whether you’d like a smart and sophisticated button-style headboard or a cool and contemporary cube-shaped headboard. What’s more, an upholstered headboard will provide you with an unrivalled level of comfort, giving you a lovely, soft board to rest against in the evenings and mornings.

This is great if you’re someone who likes to read in bed at night or enjoy breakfast in bed in the morning.

Headboard styles and patterns

When you’re choosing the right headboard for your bedroom, there are many styles and patterns available to suit your room’s existing decor. For example, you can opt for a buttoned headboard, which is a very modern choice for your bed. The button design provides a contemporary look, and with a padded finish, you will be receiving extra comfort too. The button shapes are a focal point of the headboard, and they’re attention-grabbing, immediately putting all eyes on the headboard when guests enter your room.

Another popular option is the diamond-shaped headboard, which is the epitome of class and style. It looks sophisticated and stylish, instantly upgrading your divan bed and adding a touch of elegance to the space. Diamond-shaped headboards are a brilliant purchase for any bedroom. They exude exquisiteness and opulence, upgrading any space they’re placed in.

Like with all elements in your bedroom, it is ultimately up to you to decide the right style and pattern of headboard for your bed. There are so many choices available, and each one offers a unique, distinctive appearance.

Leading Headboard Manufacturers

Ready For Bed is proud to stock a number of the premier headboard manufacturers in the bedding industry. Our range of headboards includes Vispring, Relyon and Dunlopillo.

Hypnos is an extremely popular headboard manufacturer, with this long-established British mattress and bed company making stunning headboard designs that frame any size of bed, from small singles to super king sizes. A Hypnos headboard guarantees an intricate design and will make a notable design statement in your bedroom.

Vispring designs statement headboards, which are soft and durable and can be finished in a range of fabrics. The Vispring Achilles Headboard is a lovely choice for your bedroom. It embodies attention to detail, is hand-finished with soft materials, and is built with durability in mind. The headboard is finished with fabric from the Vispring range for ultimate comfort.

If you need any assistance or guidance in choosing the right headboard, then please contact Ready For Bed today. Our helpful team is always on hand to provide tailored support and advice.


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