Carpe Diem Harmano Bed

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Size Size
Single £3,180.00
3'0'' x 6'3'' | 190 x 90 cm
Small Double £3,820.00
4'0'' x 6'3'' | 190 x 120 cm
Double £4,030.00
4'6'' x 6'3'' | 190 x 135 cm
King £4,430.00
5'0'' x 6'6'' | 200 x 150 cm
Super King £5,290.00
6'0'' x 6'6'' | 200 x 180 cm
Large Emperor £6,300.00
6'9" x 6'9" | 210 x 210 cm
Firmness Firmness
Extra firm
Feet Feet
Wood Oak Feet H:13cm £80.00
Wood Oak Feet H:17cm £80.00
Wood Oak Feet H:23cm £80.00
Wood Oak Feet H:30cm £80.00
Wood Wenge Feet H:13cm £80.00
Wood Wenge Feet H:17cm £80.00
Wood Wenge Feet H:23cm £80.00
Wood Wenge Feet H:30cm £80.00
White Aluminium Feet H:13cm £100.00
White Aluminium Feet H:17cm £100.00
White Aluminium Feet H:23cm £100.00
Oiled Oak with Aluminium Feet H:13cm £100.00
Oiled Oak with Aluminium Feet H:17cm £100.00
Oiled Oak with Aluminium Feet H:23cm £100.00
Wenge with Aluminium Feet H:13cm £100.00
Wenge with Aluminium Feet H:17cm £100.00
Wenge with Aluminium Feet H:23cm £100.00
Black with Aluminium Feet H:13cm £100.00
Black with Aluminium Feet H:17cm £100.00
Black with Aluminium Feet H:23cm £100.00
Anthracite with Aluminium Feet H:13cm £100.00
Anthracite with Aluminium Feet H:17cm £100.00
Anthracite with Aluminium Feet H:23cm £100.00
Classic Aluminium Feet H:13cm £210.00
Classic Aluminium Feet H:17cm £240.00
Classic Black Aluminium Feet H:13cm £210.00
Classic Black Aluminium Feet H:17cm £240.00
Classic Copper Aluminium Feet H:13cm £210.00
Classic Copper Aluminium Feet H:17cm £240.00
Classic Segel Aluminium Feet H:13cm £240.00
Classic Segel Aluminium Feet H:17cm £270.00
Lod Black Feet H:13 £290.00
Lod Chrome Feet H:13 £390.00
Lod Brass Feet H:13 £490.00
Reling Black Feet 90cm £320.00
Reling Black Feet 105cm £360.00
Reling Black Feet 180cm £590.00
Reling Black Feet 210cm £680.00
Reling Chrome Feet 90cm £440.00
Reling Chrome Feet 105cm £670.00
Reling Chrome Feet 180cm £890.00
Reling Chrome Feet 210cm £1,030.00
Reling Brass Feet 90cm £590.00
Reling Brass Feet 105cm £720.00
Reling Brass Feet 180cm £1,190.00
Reling Brass Feet 210cm £1,430.00
Free gift Free gift
Free Willow Egyptian Cotton Pair of Pillows
Protect A Bed Essential Mattress Protector
Accessories Accessories
No Topper £0.00
Carpe Diem Prestige Topper - Single £530.00
Carpe Diem Prestige Topper - Small Double £570.00
Carpe Diem Prestige Topper - Double £600.00
Carpe Diem Prestige Topper - King £670.00
Carpe Diem Prestige Topper - Super King £790.00
Carpe Diem Prestige Topper - Large Emperor £950.00
Carpe Diem Luxury Topper - Single £1,190.00
Carpe Diem Luxury Topper - Small Double £1,290.00
Carpe Diem Luxury Topper - Double £1,390.00
Carpe Diem Luxury Topper - King £1,510.00
Carpe Diem Luxury Topper - Super King £1,700.00
Carpe Diem Luxury Topper - Large Emperor £2,050.00

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Soft to Extra firm


A minimal design that channels Carpe Diem Beds’ timeless Swedish style.


25 years

What our experts say:

"Experience a sublime sleep with the Härmanö double bed from Carpe Diem Beds. Meticulously handcrafted with two layers of springs, it offers unparalleled comfort and pressure relief."

Keith at Ready for Bed

Discover unparalleled comfort in the Härmanö double bed by Carpe Diem Beds, meticulously crafted with two layers of springs to provide exceptional support and alleviate pressure as you embark on a journey of restful sleep. Elevate your sleeping experience with the thoughtful design and handmade precision that define Carpe Diem Beds, ensuring every night is a rejuvenating and indulgent escape into tranquility.


Only a selected collection from Carpe Diem Beds is offered online - for their full range of configurations, sizes, and fabrics, call us on 01189 86 12 12

Handmade in Sweden

It goes without saying that comfort is a priority when it comes to bed design. Carpe Diem Beds has used two separate layers of springs in its handmade Härmanö double bed, helping to relieve pressure as you drift off to sleep.
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